Tim Heeley

When I was a teenager I took the conscious decision to follow Jesus. It wasn’t something I slid into. I deliberately accepted his invitation to follow him and to receive the life he offered – abundant life. I’ve been active and passionate in my following but, to be honest, my following has lacked consistency.

I grew up in a traditional Baptist church in Huddersfield (northern England) and took every opportunity to learn about Jesus and serve him within the Baptist Youth Movement, on local and national groups. I spent my sixteenth birthday in 1968 at the World Baptist Association Youth Congress in Berne, Switzerland along with over six thousand other young people from around the globe. It was exciting. In my twenties, I helped introduce Evangelism Explosion into the UK from the USA but was aware of a lack of both materials and insight into helping people grow as disciples. With the help of a member of the Navigators we put some guidance notes together. I went on to work at the London studio of Trans World Radio on programmes in several languages. At this time, I explored becoming a Baptist minister but my passion for radio journalism and communication directed my steps.

Throughout my working life, initially as a broadcast journalist and then a public relations consultant I’ve actively worked in the church to which we, as a family, were committed. For several years, we laboured to establish a new church, which formally came into being in 1993. I served as its leader for several years, growing it in readiness for calling someone into full-time ministry.

I’m now in a position where I’m distilling my life experience, and that of many others, and am focussing on helping people achieve daily consistency in their following of Jesus. I’ve come late to the effectiveness of the Spiritual disciplines, even though I’ve exercised different ones across the years. And I can see that they will be instrumental in helping all kinds of people follow Jesus and be transformed by the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. More exciting days lie ahead.


Work of Grace ...

"Spiritual growth is working with God to build a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control; and there is no merit to be gained by doing the spiritual disciplines. Spiritual growth is all a work of grace."   Richard Foster

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