Question Living with purpose - discovering God's will (Article discussion)

23 Feb 2017 14:06 #8 by Super User
Here’s a five-step approach to discovering God’s particular will

The Bible teacher John Stott suggests we need to Yield; Pray; Talk; Think and Wait.
  • Yield – he won’t reveal his will to those who aren’t willing to believe it or do it
  • Pray – he won’t disclose his will unless we really want to know it and express it in sustained and expectant prayer
  • Talk – ‘Let our decisions be group decisions, taken responsibly in the rich fellowship in which God has put us’
  • Think – ‘We must not expect him to guide us by force or by irrational hunches, but by using our minds’
  • Wait – If we have to make a decision by a deadline we must make it but if the way forward is uncertain it is wiser to wait … ‘more mistakes are made by precipitate action than by procrastinating’

What are your thoughts?

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