... means living a fully human life in this world in union with Jesus Christ, growing in conformity to His image as the Spirit transforms us from the inside-out, being nurtured within a community of disciples who are engaged in that lifelong process, and helping others to know and become like Jesus.

Research confirms the simple observation - the lives of most professing Christians aren't much different from their non-believing neighbours. We've adopted the beliefs, values and behaviours of the surrounding culture to an alarming degree. That's shocking, considering Jesus offers us abundant life

You can go from being life 'less' to living a life 'transformed'. 

We’re inviting and equipping you to take daily actions that will help deepen your relationship with Jesus – letting the Spirit transform your life from the inside-out.

Spiritual disciplines are no secret! They were exercised by Jesus and the first disciples and were critical to their relationship with God. They've been distilled over two thousand years by people following Jesus and enable disciples to develop a deeper, intimate relationship with him.

The core spiritual disciplines are listed in the Growing Zone. Take a look and explore which ones are appropriate for you to work on for daily transformation as a disciple. We’ve added a contemporary twist, introducing aspects to help your 'whole person, whole life' growth as a disciple - who does it today! 

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We're covering everything to do with topics in the four key areas in the Growing Zone: Living in Step; Living in Style; Living Together; Living to the Full.

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... with our specially designed guidesThe aim is to help you break old habits and create new behaviours to support your growth as a disciple. They’re so easy to incorporate into your daily routine to guide and inspire your growth as a disciple.

Remember, spiritual growth (living as a disciple) is working with God to build a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. There's no merit to be gained by doing the spiritual disciplines. Spiritual growth is all a work of grace.

You're not following Jesus by yourself - there are millions of others around the world, doing it today.  Hopefully, you've found a good group of others with which to share your life and encourage your daily walk with Jesus. Our online community, is a place where you can share your thoughts, insight and queries for other disciples to respond to.